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Testimonials: Testimonials

"From having the opportunity to exchange ideas with QY a few times recently, I've been very impressed with his approach. He has a deep technical understanding of the game that he is able to express in easy-to-understand terms. Anyone considering booking a session should definitely go for it!"

-Paul Atwal, Elite Coach at Run It Once

“I’m a NL600-NL2k regular on the EU sites, and can confirm that the strategies provided in this course are very solid. If you’re an ambitious lowstakes grinder looking to move up, this might just be the best investment you can make. And if you're a mid-high stakes grinder like me, the knowledge you'll pick up from this course will pay you back tenfold in the long run.”


“Prior to meeting QY, I was struggling to apply what I knew about GTO to my game. QY geared his coaching to my level of knowledge, and provided a roadmap for how to keep improving on my own. QY’s strong understanding of the game and his ability to transfer that knowledge made my investment thoroughly worthwhile.”

-Rahul Agarwal, aspiring pro

“I played poker professionally for many years, but having been away from the game for some time, I needed somebody to bring me up to date with theory. QY turned out to be the perfect person to do so.”

-Harley “dsn” Orvall, former highstakes player and counterstrike pro

“As a coach, QY is clear, calm and patient, with a deep understanding of the game. I gained a ton of theoretical knowledge as well as a much better process for continuing to study on my own. One of the best investments you can make.”


“I came into the course with high expectations, given how QY’s videos are some of the best material I've encountered. Turns out it was all that I expected and then some, both for my learning process as well as my results!”


“QY has built a great curriculum that will definitely help anyone struggling to tie the pieces together in their game. His skill in being personable, and ability to adjust to his students' level of learning are strengths that could only have come from years of experience.”


“QY’s teaching style is very methodical and grounded in theory. I especially enjoy his use of real-life analogies to illustrate tricky concepts, making them much easier to grasp as a student.”


“Personally, I think QY is a great guy. He never stopped a session just because we were out of time, choosing instead to make sure his points were well-understood. Highly recommended!”

-R, 100z regular

“When I signed up for ‘coaching’ with QY, I was expecting plugging my leaks, a few tweaks here and there, some solver work, and ready to move up stakes. I didn’t get any of that! I got an education; my understanding of poker has been changed fundamentally, and I now see the game from a totally different perspective.”


“The best thing about QY is that he sets you up for poker success in the future. He teaches you how to become a learner, and how to grow and improve moving forward. Even though I just finished the course, I feel like this is only the beginning!”


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