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  • I play low/mid/high stakes live/online, will your content be suitable for me?"
    Yes, as long as you’re looking to improve your theoretical knowledge. I have worked with players who play much higher limits than me, and they were still able to benefit from it. Historically, you’ll find the material especially useful if you’re the kind of person who likes to understand the reason behind things (as opposed to memorising them).
  • I play mostly tournaments, can I still sign up?"
    Yes! Even though the focus is on 100bb cash games, most of the content definitely applies to tournaments as well. For example, I do explain how strategies change as stacks get shorter/ranges get wider, which will be useful in navigating various tournament scenarios. I will not be discussing ICM however.
  • I am a beginning/recreational player, can I sign up?"
    It depends on how serious you are about the game. If you’re unsure, drop me a message and we’ll figure it out!
  • Will you be discussing exploits at all?
    Yes of course--anyone who understands GTO knows that it’s not the most profitable approach in practice. Instead, we want to use our understanding of GTO to identify and exploit leaks in our opponents’ game.
  • Do I need a solver?
    No, but ideally you would want to get one after a few sessions. I believe in independent learning: instead of giving you the answers, it’s better if I teach you how to get them from the solver instead.
  • Why don’t you offer longer packages?
    Again, my aim is to teach you how to learn independently. 10 hours is more than enough for that! Beyond that you can always ask for help in the study group, or drop me a message directly.
  • Why is BvB not covered?
    My approach is to use a few selected spots to illustrate ideas and concepts that are fundamental to the game. This empowers you to study other spots (like BvB and IP coldcall) on your own, and is more cost-efficient than going through every single spot in a superficial manner.
  • What payment methods are accepted?
    USDT, Wise (previously TransferWise) and Revolut. I also accept Paypal and Skrill, but at a 5% premium.
  • What is your availability?
    Mon-Fri, 9am to 8pm Singapore time (GMT+8).
  • Do I have to complete the lessons within a certain timeframe?
    Unless prior agreement is made, all lessons must be completed at an average rate of once every 2 weeks. Beyond that, I am not obligated to finish the sessions.
  • On which platform will the sessions be conducted?
    Skype, Discord or Zoom.
  • Can I record the sessions?
    Yes, in fact recording is recommended (as long as it’s for your own use).
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