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Private instruction from a world-class coach, tailored to your level of knowledge

Qing Yang Poker Giraffe

What Others Say

"Having played the highest stakes in Macau for many years, I could still learn a lot from QY. He truly knows his stuff, and has put in a ton of work. Very recommended."

Fredrik Kaarem, 5kNL regular on PokerStars

"QY’s understanding of the game is deep and backed by strong fundamentals. He is humble and kind when dealing with students and you can see that he really enjoys teaching. Getting coaching from him is definitely the most +EV decision I have made."

Shibendu Saha, 1kNL regular on GGpoker

"QY has been my coach since the start of my poker career and I can say he has been a tremendous help. Thanks to him I see the game in a much clearer way, which has ultimately translated into better results."

Keith Seah, 2017 APT Main Event runner-up

Who is the Poker Giraffe?

Qing Yang (better known as QY) is an Elite Coach at Run It Once. He played 10/20 live for most of his career, and about 4 years ago started coaching on the side. As of today he's worked with more than 100 students, and his Run It Once videos are among the most well-received on the site.


Past Results (5/10+)

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